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CCFL and EEFL Product Listing
P/NFamilyPDF Link# LampsVin (Volts)Strike
Tube Volt
Tube Current
AC-1302A CCFL Datasheet 112    
AC-1496 AC7-1 Datasheet 11210505004.50 
AC-1558A AC7-1 Datasheet 11218006525.00Non-dimming Type
AC-1653 AC1 Datasheet 11214005305.50 
AC7-12-1123 AC7-1 Datasheet 11214005006.00 
AC-1421 AC7-1 Datasheet 11214005006.00 
AC-1656 AC1 Datasheet 11217006836.33 
AC-1439 AC7-1 Datasheet 11216005006.50 
AC7-12-1153 AC7 Datasheet 11215008506.505 minute current overdrive for warm up
AC-1632 AC1 Datasheet 11214004857.00 
AC-1445 AC7-1 Datasheet 11215005007.65 
ACE-12-1816 ACE Datasheet 11224008508.75Logarithmic Intensity Control
ACE-12-1275 ACE Datasheet 11224008508.80Self-heating control, for Sharp LQ058T5DRQ1

ACI asserts that we have made every effort to ensure that the inverter recommendations contained herein are accurate based on our review of LCD manufacturer display specifications and, in many cases, evaluation and testing of the actual LCD panels. However, since LCD products and specifications are subject to change without our knowledge, the applicability and suitability of these electronic components must be fully evaluated by customers to ensure correct operation. Please contact the factory for more information, or for additional engineering and/or application support.